Never Lose your Hope

Life happens. Doesn’t matter how positive attitude we have or how balanced and centered we are, there will be times when we are knocked down. Times when carefully organized life is turned upside down and we get knocked on our rear end.

We will no doubt experience serious situations that will leave us feeling like we were kicked in the stomach.

Let’s face it. These things happen. They are part of life and no matter how we try to explain them away with the idea that “everything happens for a reason,” they hurt. A lot! They hurt at the very core of your being.

Repeating positive phrases does not make it stop hurting. The question is not whether or not we will feel down. The question is for how long will you stay in this state? How quickly can we bounce back?

The message is one of HOPE. Hope is the feeling that what we want to happen… will happen.

It’s what keeps us going when we feel overwhelmed with problems, frustrations, and situations that seem insurmountable to us at the moment.

kind of like shining a flashlight on a dark and unknown path so we can more easily see the way to go. It’s like opening the door that seems too heavy for us to open it alone.

Right now, call that someone you know and give them HOPE.By shining a light of HOPE on their path, you will shine the light of HOPE on your own journey’s path too.

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